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Photo-Canvas Photo Canvas Print Review



ith three weddings in 15 months,  I was very much hoping we’d get at least one nice family picture!  


Three is a charm, and it was the last wedding, last fall, that we got the perfect outdoor picture of our whole family with the beautiful autumn backdrop.  Funny thing, it was more of a rushed picture too than all the staged pictures.  Really, all the pictures from the weddings were nice and are wonderful memories, but yes, this is my favorite.

And how exciting when a representative from Photo-Canvas contacted me asking if I would accept one of their photo canvases in exchange for a review.  Of course!  My sister-in-law who was the photographer, was very gracious to send my favorite family picture to the company.  We ordered it on a Saturday evening.  I received it in two days via FedEx.  What’s especially unusual, it came from the UK!  I got it right before Easter Sunday, so when the family was all over, they saw it!  That was fun.  I was concerned before I opened it what kind of condition it would be in as it was only in a bubble envelope.  There really was no protection for it.  Even mailing it a short distance, I would have put it in a sturdy box.  Thankfully, the mail handlers took good care of it!

P4070363I have never really taken note of a canvas print up close before.  It does not appear as sharp as a regular photograph – somewhat grainy being on canvas.  One of my kids said it almost looked like a painting on canvas. However,   despite this, I still like the uniqueness of it being canvas and how it goes around the sides and corners very smoothly. They use a dye sublimation as their canvas print technique.


This photo canvas is just very unique and definitely a special keepsake. I’ve never had a canvas print, but I like how tight it is on the frame.   It looks like it was done by hand and still done very well.  The canvas print also came with hardware to hang it.

Remember . . .  Mother’s Day is not too far away!  A photo canvas would be a very special gift.  I know I would not mind another! 🙂



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