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Information Article: Florida area Air Conditioning Repair & Service


o keep our electric bill down as much as possible, the last several summers we have used our air conditioning very little. There is one thing nice about not having central air and only window units.  We can just cool the room we are in.  So we   used the window units, rarely, but when we did it was mainly in a couple of bedrooms so we could sleep.  Yes, there complaints, even from me, but we survived!  

However, I cannot imagine living in another state, such as Florida, during their summers without air conditioning!   I doubt it is even possible.  Florida summers are quite a bit warmer and more humid than Michigan summers.  Also, with having a daughter with heart problems, when it is very humid, she does have to have the air conditioning.  Then if one breaks down . . .  it could be quite crucial to get it working fast and calling an AC Repair Company Miami quickly.  Better yet, if living in a state like Florida, it would be best to have seasonal tune-ups  and regular maintenance to make sure a critical break-down does not happen.  If this is done, and you find the place to be prompt, courteous and have a reasonable rate, you would know immediately who to call for a repair.

It is also important to make sure  that a service place such as  Air Conditioning Repair Fort Lauderdale is both licensed and insured.  It’s also very helpful if money is an issue to find out if a free, initial estimate consultation is offered. One to consider checking into in Florida is: 

Space Coast Air & Heat
200 SE 1st ST, Suite 403
Miami Fl 33131
(786) 228-5960



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