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Information Article: Preserving an Invention & Name with a Patent


hose who read here know how special my grandpa was and still is to me.  Though he has been gone for over 33 years now, he will always have a special place in my heart.  One thing he would talk about was his patents that he had various things, including for various mechanical things that are still used today.  It’s neat to see his name preserved, even on the internet, which was not even in existence when he was alive and now 33 years after he’s gone, to see his name with his patents as an inventor.

It’s even more important today, with the internet and the way information can be transferred so quickly, for those inventing to also preserve their names with their inventions.  Secrets can be shared with friends, and then a friend of that friend, and your secret is not longer a secret and your invention may quickly become someone else’s invention if precautions are not taken.  Before know it, you find your patented item on some infomercial and all your hard work was given as a gift to someone else.  Before secrets are shared a patent attorney should be consulted.

So what do you look for when finding a patent attorney? Experience is certainly a must, but what kind of experience?  How about an attorney that has actually been an examiner for the US Patent and Trademark Office and has also been writing patent applications as a patent attorney for over 23 years.  One such as this would be patent lawyer Houston TX who has also extensively prepared applications in the mechanical, electrical and software arts.  

When trying to preserve an invention and the name which belongs with it, it’s worth getting someone who really understands how to do the legal parts of getting this through smoothly.



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