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Five Minute Friday: AFTER Finding Joy in the Morning


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I really should just tell you to go read Lisa-Jo’s post on after today.  I can relate to her “after” thoughts.  This right here says a lot:

And holes that joy used to slip through are slowly closing over.
I’m a survivor of the after.

I am also the survivor of the after . . . many afters . . .

  • after my husband and I eloped and some family accepted after several months – other family never did;
  • after a wonderful home birth and then after two open heart surgeries for that baby;
  • after the burial of our stillborn baby;
  • after several job losses and finding a church family, 
  • after the death of my mom and no good-byes or reconciliation this side of heaven;
  • a half  a year later, after, the death of a 16 year old son, much of what time has been associated with;

after finding joy in the morning even in the grief . . . .

  • after the arrival of  our 12th born child and treasuring life and going on;
  • after three weddings in 15 months and a new daughter & 2 new sons;
  • after the continued joy and anticipation of our first grandbaby;
  • after learning and continuing to learn, that Jesus is enough;
  • after knowing I am a survivor because I am

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Joining Lisa-Jo and her Five Minute Friday.
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9 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: AFTER Finding Joy in the Morning

  1. Dear Loni
    You are precious! Thank you for encouraging us by just keeping on keeping on knowing that your Lord Jesus is enough!
    Blessings to you

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