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Finding Spring


year ago we were greatly spoiled by an early spring – actually, almost skipping spring and going right into a very hot summer.  We had two daughter’s weddings last spring and summer which made the year speed by quite quickly.  Now, we have been waiting for spring too long, so it seems.  It’s finally slowing coming through for us.  We found our first flower budding open.  We bought baby chicks today.  Yes, spring is arriving.  chicks

And so is the mud and a deep ruts in our lawn and driveway evident of spring.  We certainly would not win for a cover of a landscaping magazine! Someday, maybe when we do not live in the country and have a smaller yard we will be more concerned like our parents and have making sure we have a lush, green, weedless lawn.  For now the kids ride their bikes and motorbikes, snowmobiles and go-carts through the yard, spitting up the mud . . .  and grass.

We are still collecting a lot of debris from the remnants of winter by raking while the kids are searching for more blooms and looking for salamanders under rocks and big branches.  We have started numerous vegetables from seed in the home, getting them ready to move them outdoors to our little greenhouse.  And soon, I should be receiving bouquets of yellow flowers – dandelions – while the neighbors get theirs sprayed and dig out the rest!  

I am ready for spring . . . to kick off my shoes and walk barefoot through the grass we do have and find flowers and butterflies with the kids.

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