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Information Article: ActiveRain Blog with Rusty Solomon


earching for a home is nothing like it was when we shopped for our first home, over twenty-years ago.  Back then, we would stop at various real estate agents offices to see actual paper files of listings.  Now, I can do it anytime or anyplace on the internet.  But then begins the search of where to go and what real estate agent is the best. Possibly an agent is needed in a completely different different state or city.  One place to begin researching with is ActiveRain which is  a real estate blogging platform for those in the real estate business, from Realtors to real estate financial advisers and inspectors, to real estate staggers and marketers.  They can expand their business and bring awareness to their properties or services by regularly blogging on the ActiveRain Blog.  

In looking through this one such person on ActiveRain Blog is Rusty Solomon who works in the title insurance and mortgage industry.  On the blog is a full profile of this man, including various ways to contact him, where he previously worked, and numerous endorsements.  I found it very interesting that at one place Mr. Solomon worked, he was responsible for national operations for its lender clients averaging approximately $50,000,000 in closings per month. I also appreciate the personal side of him reported, such as Rusty Solomon has served on the Board of Directors of the Anti-Defamation League (whose goal is “to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all“) and has been a part of the Cancer Crusaders, American Cancer Society, and Save the Children.  

ActiveRain blog is definitely an interesting site to learn about professionals in the Real Estate business. 

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