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Information Article: Bankruptcy


t seems so many are going through major financial stresses.  We see it over and over again – houses going up for foreclosure and cars being repossessed to name a few.  Jobs are harder to find, and high paying jobs even more scarce.  The phone rings every hour from yet another creditor demanding money, and there is no possible way.  Bills come in the mail and are thrown in the garbage, unopened. Bankruptcy seems overwhelming but may be the only way for a fresh financial start.  The Bankruptcy Law Firm Tacoma may be the place to call, to arrange for your first meeting, for free.

Not only is filing for bankruptcy a difficult decision, it also needs to be decided what type of bankruptcy . . . a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy which means eliminating all or most of your debt and being able to start over or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy which means you still have all the debt, but, it is reorganized so it’s more manageable to pay off.  An attorney can help sort through the different aspects and which is the best way to go in your situation and then be available to represent you before a judge.  And when it seems like there is no money, even to hire an attorney, finding an attorney that will take payments and has flat fees with no hidden fees is sure helpful.

It’s not a choice anyone really wants to choose with bankruptcy but may be the only decision that can be made to relieve major stress because of undesired circumstances.



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