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Information Article: Internet Business Marketing


wning our own business, we know the importance of getting our name into the community.  It used to be that having your name in the phone book was the most important thing, but most do not carry a phone book around with them.  It’s a smart phone many carry, and if they want to look up where a business is, their hours, or what they may sell, they type it into their cell phone to search for.  For many businesses, this may mean life or death, if they can be found in the search engines.  We definitely want a great local search marketing service that will put our business profile on Google Plus Local, Bing Local, Yelp, and various other directories.

I recently was in my local grocery store, deciding on whether I wanted to buy a lamb leg there or at  a small local business meat store that sells organic meat.  Right there in the store, I did a search on my phone, clicked the phone number to call them, and asked.  Sadly, for the organic place, they did not sell lamb meat, but if they did, they would have gotten my business!  Small business marketing is important for small businesses,  but not with just starting out their business but to keep it growing and bringing in new customers.  

With my husband’s business, during the spring season, potential customers may do a search for lawnmower repair and we would want a  local search to bring this up near the top of their search.  However, in the wintertime, a snow blower repair would be much more important to come up near the top.  It would even be great for my husband’s business when there is a lot of snow that some  local search news could also bring up his name as a reminder to get a snow blower tuned up or fixed!  

A  local search optimization company is what can help bring it all together for internet searches for both developing a business and staying up-to-date with various strategies that can change almost daily.  It is one less thing for the business owner to have to worry about and yet keep building a business.



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