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Five Minute Friday: a BROKEN baby – please pray


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So much in life is broken . . .marriages, relationships, churches, families, etc.  Our bodies are broken . . . I am dealing with nasty back aches.  Our car is broken . . . the power steering is totally gone.  Today my broken microwave got replaced by a new (used) microwave.  Things can be replaced.  Broken people, especially illnesses can be difficult to repair.  
babyMy daughter has a “broken heart” and has had three open heart surgeries.  Another daughter cannot have high fructose corn syrup or she gets very sick.  We have a broken circle with our family here on earth, with two children in heaven, but I know this will be healed someday when we are all reunited.  
But today, I’ve been thinking of friends of ours whose little foster daughter is “broken” in the hospital, battling unexplainable seizures and feversI’ve watched over time as they have loved on this girl and several days ago, their lives were greatly interrupted, finding her seizuring in her crib.  Her big sister pleads for God to heal: 
“I believe the Lord can make this simply vanish
if that would bring all the glory to Him.
But if we need to go through what I’m praying/pleading we won’t have to,
still we will say “bless the Lord”.”  
So many of us keep checking Facebook and their webpage, for updates, for changes, for healing of a broken little body.  And yet, I am at peace, seeing their peace, knowing all in all, God will make it right.  We want a healed body, this side of heaven, and God may choose the other side of heaven.  And this hope they have, I have, and you can have, is because of Jesus’ broken body He gave to die on the cross which we remember this week especially . . .
And when He had given thanks,
He broke it, and said,
Take, eat: this is My body,
which is broken for you:
this do in remembrance of Me. 24
I Cor. 11:24
I am thankful for Jesus who gave Himself for us, to give us a hope, a future.

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21 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: a BROKEN baby – please pray

  1. Oh sister, I believe God led me to you today for this very reason. I am in prayer for your family, and your friends child, right now. May you be comforted in the knowing that God wants you well, and Jesus died to pay the price for that healing. Keep believing, dear one.

    Janelle Marie

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