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Information Article: False Arrest Lawyer


ometimes us parents are rather ignorant, thinking our children could never do wrong.  How about that phone call from school that Johnny is smoking in the bathroom or Susie cheated on her math test and the parents have a hard time believing it.  Then there’s other parents who do really know their children, and have a good open, honest relationship.

Just imagine, getting a phone call that your child was arrested for robbing the local gas station.  You go to the police station and after seriously talking to your child, eye to eye, you know he is telling the truth.  He was with the wrong group, yet not apart of the robbery.  Numerous things just do not add up to why he was arrested.  And, he just turned 18, so his picture is already on the local evening news.  A close friend calls after seeing the news and encourages you to call a false arrest lawyer Manhattan.  It’s the only way to begin sorting out your rights and the next urgent step to take.  

It would be a horrible nightmare to go through something like this personally or with one of my children.  But, I sure could not do it alone and would definitely need the best legal counsel.  Not getting the best legal counsel can lead to jail, prison, fines, a criminal record and then for the rest of the person’s life, it follows them to jobs and shows up on background checks. Getting a False Arrest Attorney  may be the best decision you make to resolve these charges.



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