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Information Article: Home Insulation a Wise Investment


t’s interesting when driving around during the winter, noticing which homes are losing a lot of heat.  There is no snow on those roofs, while those that are well insulated, have lots of snow!  We certainly cannot see in the summer which are loosing the cool air-conditioned air, but the electric meter sure does!    Did you know that heat naturally moves from warmer area of the house to the colder areas?  So, on hot days, it tries to get into the house and on cold days the heat is trying to leak out. Installing the proper amount of House Insulation is a key factor for both increasing the comfort of heating and cooling, along with saving energy and lowering your electric bill.    

You may think you have enough insulation in your home, but over time it can lose it’s affect.  For those in New Zealand, if your home was built before the year 2000, you may qualify for a home insulation subsidy which would certainly be worth looking into.    It would definitely be worthwhile accepting a free in home insulation evaluation to get recommendations for improving the areas that need more insulation.

Once a  home is fully insulated correctly can , it add up to a 50% savings on heating requirements.  That sure can help the monthly bills!  



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