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Information Article: Public Adjuster


was probably six months pregnant and it was the middle of the winter.  My husband was away at work, and I went down to check our wood furnace.  I put some more wood in and then noticed a small bit of smoke coming out of the pipe that goes to the outside.  I  tried to push it together more and it was still leaking.  I attempted again, and instead of pushing it together, the whole thing came tumbling down and smoke came billowing out.  There really was nothing I could quickly do, but yelled to the kids to get out of the house!   It’s amazing how quickly the smoke fills up the house. I called 911 and the fire department came and put two huge fans in doorways sucking out as much smoke as possible A neighbor also came over and put the  pipes back together.  We could smell it for days and everything looked darkened from the smoke.  We called an insurance adjuster to see what could be covered to begin cleaning our home up.  

How thankful we were to have the help to get our home back in order.  A cleaning team came in, painted all our walls and ceilings, replaced our curtains, and professionally cleaned our carpets and furniture.  Though it was a hassle for our family at the time, it sure saved a lot of hard work for us and it was done much quicker than we could have ever done it.  Later the Public Adjuster Miami FL came back to make sure everything was done to our satisfaction.  We certainly were!



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