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Creative Writing Challenge: 2 a.m. Photo ~ A LIFE CHANGING MOMENT

Creative Writing Challenge: 2 a.m. Photo
It’s 2 a.m. and your phone has just buzzed you awake,
filling the room in white-blue LED light.
You have a message. It’s a photo.
No words, no explanation. Just a photo.
Tell us all about it. And what happens next. 


am trying to stay awake. I am continually whispering prayers. But, I know it could be a long night.  Should I fall asleep so I am alert when I finally get a text?  I doze off numerous times, and quickly awaken, grabbing my phone to see if I have missed a message.  My husband groggily asks me if I have heard from them yet.  “No,” as I sigh deeply.  It’s been over seven hours since we’ve heard anything.  I am hoping and praying all is well.  I am worried about my daughter and hoping my son-in-law is staying awake. I drift off to sleep, again.

I awaken with abruptness.  My husband sits up quickly too. “Get the phone!” he says too loudly in the quietness of the night.  We both heard the text message buzzing.  I had my phone on extra loud.  There’s a blue glow lighting up our darkened bedroom.  I grab the phone too quickly and it bounces out of my hand onto the floor, upside down.  I lean over our bed and grab it again, and turn it around.  There’s no words, just this picture:

baby hand

Just a little hand.  But what a precious tiny, perfect hand . . .  My grandbaby’s hand!  

Didn’t they say anything?” my husband asks.  He does not have his glasses on.

No, there’s no message, but the baby must be here!  Let’s go!” I say excitedly, as I leap out of bed!  They said they’d let us know when the baby is here, and then we could come up to the hospital.  I guess they want to leave us in some suspense . . .  no details. No little nose to see whose nose it resembles.  No name or if it’s a girl or boy.  

Just that hand.  I cannot wait to put my finger in the palm and have the baby grip my finger.  

I am a grandma!  I can barely contain my excitement!

(this story is fiction . . . but is written in anticipation of our first grandchild
to make its appearance in  September!!

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