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Show & Tell: Teaching Kids “OLD” Games

Daily Prompt: Show and Tell
You’ve been asked to do a presentation
to a group of young schoolchildren on the topic of your choice.
Describe your presentation. 


very so often I come across an old board game that I used to play when I was growing up.  Just like I like to show my children, I’d like to show a classroom of young school children games that I used to play rather than playing video games alone or with others, yet hardly any talking or interactions.  One such game I can remember playing with my parents and sister was Parchessi.  I never see it in stores anymore.  I found one in a Good Will store and I’d love to show kids about an old game that their parents may have played.  

And then, I’d like to show them some games that they can play without buying anything, and ask them to get into groups of two and hand each of them a 16 inch string of yarn with the ends knotted so it’s in a circle and teach them how they can play Cat’s Cradle.  They can learn how to make all different designs with their partner such as candles and then go into a manger, or make a soldier’s bed.  

And lastly I could show the children one more game and how to play Jacks with a Bouncy Ball by throwing first, ten jacks on the floor, then bouncing a small rubber ball on the ground and picking up one jack and quickly catching the ball before it hits the ground.  Next we proceed to picking up two jacks, and then three, and so on until all ten have been picked up. 

It would be my hope that the kids would love a couple of these games and play them with their friends and siblings instead of the computer  and video games.

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