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Information Article: Science & Technology News


s a homeschool mom, I have found that some of the most interesting science information for the kids learning is right on the internet (along with me monitoring).  To be able to see the galaxies and to see a live volcano is something they for sure say “cool” too! Here is one such place where science and technology news can be found and has been around since 1998.  Stories can be found that you’d never find on the news, including Neuorengineers Develop a Wireless Implantable Brain Sensor that has been operating wirelessly in large animal models for over 12 months.  For the child that is really interested in details and the sciences, this may be some quite interesting information to read.  

Reading here on science news 2013 there is even more interesting articles.  How about learning that scientists were able to produce bioengineered teeth that contain dentine, enamel and viable roots.  They did this by using cells isolated from adult human gum tissue along with mouse embryonic tooth mesenchyme cells.  Can you imagine what can happen with this, for children and adults alike who have lost permanent teeth?

Yes, some kids really do more than playing video games.  They want to learn, and science and technology may be there things.  They may even like some geek toys such as various Star Wars toys!  And as they are looking at their things on this webpage, you might even find some great valuable online coupons and discount promo codes advertised that may be worth checking into.

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