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(GRAND) Baby Gift Ideas!


f you have not read yet, I am going to be a grandma in the fall!!! I am so very excited!!!  I am just waiting to hear what sex the baby is to begin quilting and other sewing projects. It’s so much fun thinking of a new baby joining our family and I am not the one pregnant!  I’ve already bought a few things.  I am looking forward too, to the baby showers.  It will be so much fun to bless my daughter and son-in-law in celebration of the new little life we cannot wait to meet!  And looking around, there’s so many neat ideas for unique baby gifts that this grandma will have a hard time limiting herself!  

I enjoy putting gifts together, but some people can have a difficult time coordinating gifts together.  I love some of these baby gift baskets that is a complete gift.  One of my friends just had a baby a few months ago and she had a.  I giraffe theme for her baby.  This gift basket shown to the right, would have been ideal, which included a Plush Giraffe Toy and a Melissa & Doug Wooden Grasping Giraffe Toy.

For me, some of the most treasured gifts I received for a new baby was the personalized baby gifts.  To receive something with the baby’s name on it is a great acknowledgement of how precious that baby is, by name.  I love the little security blankets (that you have to have more than one of) that has the baby’s name on, so in the church nursery, the supervisors know who it belongs to!  My daughter is going to have an owl theme for their baby, and I can see her loving this baby blanket.  

Yes, there’s many ideas running through my mind as we prepare to be grandparents!  

PS ~ Did I mention I am going to be a grandma?!?!?!

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