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I want to grow my hair faster!


or many years I have been one to look into finding natural cures and remedies.  I like to do research and see if there is a way to avoid medications if at all possible and also build up my immune system – or the kids’.  Now as I get older, I miss that my hair does not grow nearly as fast as it used to.  So, I am back to my searching and found this extremely interesting: 101 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster and it’s worth passing on!  

Good health and good hair go along together.  If one is healthy, there’s a much greater chance their hair will be as well.  Many times I’ve read how certain vitamins are needed for specific health issues and vitamins are important for healthy growing hair:  

Some essential vitamins which boost healthy growth of hair are niacin or Vitamin B3, B, B5, A, C and E. Scalp capillary functions are stimulated by variations of vitamin B. These vitamins improve the blood circulation. Zinc also helps in healthier hair growth.

Good nutrition is also important such as fruits and vegetables, whole grain products and protein rich foods. My hair always seemed to grow the fastest when I was pregnant.  I am sure because I usually craved healthy things and protein things . . . even drank protein drink.  Also,  yellow colored fruits and vegetables are encouraged for healthy hair.

I found some other interesting ways to help hair grow faster.  One, I cannot imagine doing is by boiling together for 15 minutes, a red onion cut in two pieces, two cinnamon sticks and four garlic cloves.  Then strain it and once it is cooled down it can be used daily on hair for four days.  I am not sure if you’d use shampoo after it, but I sure would not want my hair smelling like onions and garlic.  There was another idea of putting a minced onion in shampoo and letting it sit for 15 days and then use it on a regular basis, but again, I’d not want to smell like a walking onion!

The one I liked the best though and is said to be one of the most useful ways to make hair grow faster, is by making a potato mask for the hair. To make it, mix together potato juice from three potatoes, an egg yolk and a teaspoon of honey and put it on damp hair for about a half hour before washing out with warm water.  I’ve read too how you can use mashed potatoes or grated potato.  There definitely must be something in the potatoes to help!  🙂

So there may be something natural to help grow naturally!  Let me know if you have tried any of these or something else!


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