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Information Article: Orlando Auto Title Loan


or many, one of their goals is to stay out of as much debt as possible.  However, emergencies do come up, and there may be no resource to get quick cash.  It can be anything from needing a major repair to a central air conditioning unit or a great deal on a vacation home and a down payment is needed right away to seal the deal.  There is one way I had never heard of and that is getting a car title loan.  You can actually get cash for your car.  An agent will come and look at the car to appraise it.  You get the cash for the agreed amount and they get your car title.  You have a year to pay it off, and then the lien is taken off the car and you receive your title back.  During that year, as long as the payments are being made, the car is yours to drive.  

For some, their car loan may not be paid off.  If there’s just a few payments left Orlando auto title loan may pay it off, allowing for the lender to receive more cash and then repay it along with the new loan within the year allowed.  This also can help those who want to improve their credit score along with getting the cash for the emergency or special needed vacation.

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