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Review: MorningStar Farms® Products


 love making breakfast casseroles for dinner. So, when I was given the opportunity as a BzzAgent to try out MorningStar Farms® Veggie Burgers I decided to try them in a breakfast casserole and see if the kids even notice!  My older kids have  influenced our younger ones that fake meat is gross and they should not touch it.  I did not serve them fake meat but I did not tell them either that it’s veggie sausages in it!

I found a recipe for an Apple Sausage Breakfast Casserole on the MorningStar webpage.  It looked good and was very easy to make, though I did double it and I added some diced red and green peppers for color.  I put it together late morning and stuck it in the refrigerator until an hour before dinner time to bake it.  It looked and smelled wonderful coming out of the oven.  

The kids, my husband and myself absolutely loved it!  No one asked anything about what kind of meat it was.  I was asked instead when I’d make it again!  And I did!  The first time I made it with MorningStar Farms® Maple Flavored Veggie Sausage Patties. The second time I used two different kinds:  MorningStar Farms® Tomato & Basil Pizza Burgers AND MorningStar Farms® Garden Veggie Patties.  It was just as good if not better . . . it just did not seem as much like a breakfast meal.  And again, it was all eaten!

The MorningStar Farms® products will definitely continue to be a part of our meals!

It has been a great opportunity being a BzzAgent.
The opinions stated here are my honest and true statements
of the products I received to review.

***MORNINGSTAR FARMS® GARDEN VEGGIE PATTIES™ – A yummy, hearty blend of mushrooms, water chestnuts, onion, carrots, green and red bell peppers, black olives, brown rice and rolled oats.
110 calories, 3g fiber, 10g protein and 74% less fat*
Farms® Garden Veggie Patties™ Veggie Burgers (67g) contain 3.5g fat per serving, compared with regular ground beef (67g) containing 15g fat per serving.

***MORNINGSTAR FARMS® TOMATO & BASIL PIZZA BURGERS Not only is this Italian-inspired veggie burger filled with onion, mushrooms, tomatoes and red peppers, it also has … wait for it … mozzarella and provolone cheese inside.
120 calories, 3g fiber, 10g protein, 61% less fat
MorningStar Farms® Tomato & Basil Pizza Burgers (67g) contain 6g fat per serving, compared with regular ground beef (67g) containing 15g fat per serving.



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