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Information Article: Safety Signs


an you imagine our lives without safety signs such as street signs, parking signs, or those fire emergency signs. When I hit 40 I had to get glasses, and a few years later, bi-focals and now have tri-focals.  If I take my glasses off, especially to wear sunglasses, it can be difficult for me to read some of the signs from a distance.  I am thankful that I have grown up with various safety signs as an every day part of my life.  So, if I am not wearing sunglasses, I am so used to the size, shape and color of signs, I can read them well!  

Of course, young children can learn to identify signs at an early age. Yes, they can even learn too well!  “Mama, weren’t you suppose to slow down at that yellow sign?” as I barely pause going through the yellow yield sign.  Ugh!    I can certainly understand why most safety signs do have pictures on them . . . so the people can’t fake it out that they cannot read it.  Doesn’t it bug you when you see people parking in the handicapped parking spaces and you see no identification that they have a permit to park there?  Maybe they cannot read but they must be able to see if they are driving!  My young kids always knew those signs were for someone who either got hurt or was old!  

Safety signs are something we can take for granted, and I am thankful for them.  Someday when you are out with your kids, have a game in who can count the most safety signs during your errand run.  You might be surprised!

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