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Information Article: Cheap Car Insurance


y son has been sharing with us recently how many of his friends are driving around with no car insurance.  It absolutely shocked us.  I could almost understand one friend maybe doing it, but there’s numerous ones, because they cannot afford it!  We have told our kids, if they cannot afford car insurance, they cannot afford to drive.   My husband and I have not paid for our kids’ insurance.  It was one of their first introductions to real responsibility.  And so they begin to do their homework and research for cheap car insurance.  

And, it is possible, but again, it takes them being responsible, such as paying on time, driving carefully and following the traffic laws.  It may even help with having good grades to lower their insurance premiums!  They certainly cannot expect to be driving a fancy sports car and getting super low cost insurance though!  

It is helpful if we can sit down with our child and look online at insurance quotes and see what is possible for them to get with the best coverage.  This webpage allows for putting in a zip code and gives numerous options for cheap auto insurance in the area.   Once it is narrowed down, you can call for further information and write it all out on paper for your child so he or she knows what will be expected financially, such as how much needs to be paid up front and what the monthly or quarterly payments will be.  Decisions such as deductibles need to be decided as well.

This is just the beginning of the many adult decisions your child will have to make!  To go without auto insurance would certainly be very unwise.

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