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Information Article: Family Law Attorney Clarksburg WV


arriage is certainly work, and actually, I have found that even after 28 years it’s still a daily work project!!  It means lots of give and take and LOTS of forgiveness.  But I think the eye opener to me personally for working on our marriage even harder has been seeing families go through divorces that I absolutely never imagined would divorce.  They were the ones that seemed to have the perfect lives and I could never imagined what went on behind closed doors.  It’s been heart crushing. I’ve come to the conclusion, really, no one can say it will never happen to them.   And of course, it’s the kids who get hurt the most and pulled in every direction possible.  These families never imagined they would have to call a family law attorney to help them sort out everything from who gets the furniture to who travels the furthest with the children.  

Unfortunately, divorce does not discriminate.  It does not matter what race, what neighborhood a family lives in or what church or religion they are.  Before it’s realized the core of the marriage is dissolving and hurts are overridden by worse hurts and not only are the husband and wife hurting each other, they are sucking the kids into it and destroying them as well.  Ignoring each other can just go so long.  And then, one of them make the heart wrenching decision to call Family Law Attorney Clarksburg WV.  

Happily ever after did not happen.  Yet, life continues, and new mercies and healing may come around the corner.



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