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Information Article: Patent Attorney


magine working on something for years,  including research, trial and errors and more trial and errors and you come up with most amazing invention.  Naively, you share it with a couple of friends.  Those friends cannot contain the excitement and share with theirs and before you can stop it, the word is out and your years of hard work is put together half-heartedly by someone who wants to get rich quick and submits for a patent to have their name stamped on it.  It is absolutely time to call a Patent Attorney Bloomfield to help you prove you are the one who should have the patent.  

Most have seen the television advertisements in doing it yourself, but there are concerns that need to be cautiously researched before, such as, are you sure nothing else has been patent like it.  Does your creation actually qualify for a patent?  Do  you want to go forward with a regular full patent application which can cost thousands of dollars by the time it is finished or do you want to start out with a Provisional Patent Application (PPA) which you to get a patent pending status for your invention and a fraction of the cost of a full patent.

A patent attorney can help you sort out the differences and help you go the direction that is best suited for your specific invention.



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