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Five Minute Friday: An Ordinary Man?

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Really, what is ordinary?  Sometimes I sigh and just wish for an ordinary, maybe even a dull day.  But an ordinary day?  I am not sure I know what it is!  Each day can be so different in our home, from a meltdown over math, to hearing water dripping on a ceiling from the floor above.  Last week it was our married daughter spending quite a few days here including one night her and her husband who needed to get away from their apartment which had a gas leak.  In the morning while my daughter was still sleeping and her husband was at the apartment waiting for a repairman, the younger siblings were peeking in on her in the bedroom.  They came downstairs, all excited that she was still there, and one said, “She looks so pretty while she’s sleeping.  She almost looks like an angel.”  My kids are really pretty ordinary,  I really doubt they would have said that a year ago when she still lived here, but that morning it was not ordinary, and they saw her from a different perspective.

I wonder if it was like that when Jesus walked on earth.  Most saw Him as an ordinary man.

he had no form or majesty that we should look at him,
and no beauty that we should desire him.
Isaiah 53:2b

I imagine most just passed by Him when walking the streets – did not give Him a second thought to look at twice or turn around and take a double look at Him.  But later, when His disciples understood who He is, did they just gaze at Him.  Did they ever watch Him sleep?  As His mother Mary treasured things in her heart, did she gaze at Him in awe, wonder, adoration, not as she would her child, but as an my children saw their sister in different way, did Mary too? When did she realize He is her God too?  When did the men on either side of Him on the cross really realize He was no ordinary man?

Are we just so used to “God” in our everyday lives, having grown up with His name often on our lips, that we forget that He is so beyond ordinary?

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9 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: An Ordinary Man?

  1. Hi Loni,
    Love that image of your younger kids with their older sister….from what I read in the gospels, before his public ministry, Jesus looked quite ordinary from outward appearances…you might enjoy Alicia Britt Chole’s book, Anonymous: Jesus’ Hidden Years and Yours…I blogged about it, just an fyi…wishing you and yours a blessed weekend 🙂

  2. Ordinary is the wonderful conversations we have with our children – that is a beautiful ordinary. Ordinary is when your grown children can spend the night because they know you have enough room. Ordinary is meltdowns, too. I love your ordinary!

  3. Oh I love that! So precious. I’m loving reading everyone’s different perspective on ordinary and the treasures they’ve found in the everyday glory. I bet it felt nice having your daughter home for a bit and having that special (although frustrating for her) time together. 😉

  4. Dear Loni
    What a good reminder not to look at the outside through the world’s eyes, but to truly look and see the soul that was created as part of our Pappa’s crown. Then we see with new eyes! And for our Lord … no words can describe Him. Happy FMF and a blessed weekend to you.
    Much love

  5. very well put! I have often wondered what Mary thought as she raised him. Did she know? Thanks for the comment love 😉

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