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Information Article: Explanatory Video


etting a new business noticed and also understood, is something that takes work.  My husband has a small engine repair business, and every so often someone brings him something that does not have a small engine.  He mainly works on outdoor lawn and garden equipment, such as lawnmowers, tractors, snow blowers, chainsaws, etc.  He’s had things brought to him such as a vacuum cleaner and can opener!  Those have small motors, not small engines!  He has a webpage which shows many of the items he repairs, but something else to possibly consider is explanatory videos.  There are those who do not read through all the details, so for my husband’s webpage, having a short, two minute video to watch, demonstrating the various items he repairs, may help potential customers understand what he does . . .  and possibly even show what he does not repair!  And people do tend to remember thing better if they see it visually!

Many businesses would certainly benefit with explainer videos on their webpages.  These are animated videos that are short and entertaining yet bring a clear message.  Not only would this be good for someone with a small business like my husband’s, but larger businesses and even non-profits that want to highlight important information.  If you want to get your webpage noticed as well, while searching with Google it is 53 more times likely to be on the first search page that comes up when a video is on your homepage.

This certainly sounds like a win win business investment. 

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