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Information Article: Phoenix Criminal Attorney Practices with Integrity


aving worked for an attorney in my younger years, and knowing then how much they charged then per hour for every single movement, phone call, letter, research, office work, court times, etc. I know it’s considerably more now.  I know too that clients at times just wanted it over with and really did not get the results they wanted because they did not want to add more on to their already high legal fees.  So when I read that a Criminal Attorney Phoenix of forty years does not charge extra for going to trials and gave this statement,  I was quite impressed:

“You have a constitutional right to a trial.

Most lawyers will charge $1,000 or more, PER DAY, for a trial. My feeling is that no one should be forced to plead guilty just because he or she cannot afford what the attorney charges for trial work. Because I believe that, I almost never charge extra fees for a trial.

If you are calling a lawyer for a quote, ALWAYS ask him or her after he or she quotes you a retainer fee: “If my case goes to trial, are there additional fees and HOW MUCH?”

I appreciate that a well experienced criminal lawyer with over 250 trials behind him will not take advantage of the situation but do his job in a personal and caring way and practices with integrity.  It encourages even those who have committed a crime, to be able to fully explain their situation, instead of going with “guilty”.  And for the person who truly is not guilty, instead of just plea bargaining, fights for the truth to be shown. This is the type of attorney I’d want.

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