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“Woman, Believe Me . . .” – “I have no contempt for you.”

  Jesus said to her,
“Woman, believe me . . .

John  4:21a

ur Pastor made a statement yesterday that struck me:

 God has no contempt for me.
I should have no contempt for others.

Forgiveness and not being angry at someone sometimes can be pretty tough.  Some people can really hurt to the heart.  Some words are never forgotten.  People can repeatedly make wrong decisions that can affect a lot of others and continue to seemingly destroy. No, we are not to just allow people to walk all over us but there are definitely times we have to let go, let even our loved ones, fall and get hurt when it may mean ourselves also getting hurt, to allow GOD to do His work.  This can happen with adult children who do not make right choices, are not only hurting themselves, but as parents if we try to protect them, get them out of the trouble, they may not learn.  If we let them hit rock bottom, though it hurts parents fiercely, it may be the only way the child can learn and find their own way back to God. And, it may be easy to get angry with situations like this.  If we don’t fix it . . . our minds can wander to how damaging it is becoming, and how bad we look and be so tempted to rescue.

 Though I am not in a situation like this with one of my children, there has been hurtful times in my life that I want to work out for a loved one and have tried over and over again with it seemingly getting no where.  I’ve gotten very angry.  Yet, I think now of all God has forgiven me for – and has not held it against me either. And He does not have contempt for me or keep rubbing my nose in the times I fail over the same things over and over again.  I am learning more about grace . . . He’s given me – and I need to give more to others.

What might He be telling you  to believe Him with?

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