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Daily Prompt: [My Life] Far From Normal

Daily Prompt: Far From Normal
Take a step back, and take a look at your life as an outsider might


hey come into the local pizza restaurant and are led to a table while several of the younger children quietly bicker about who they want to sit by.  The group of 15 sit down and look through the menu, some of the older children that look like couples whispering and looking at each other sweetly.  It’s hard to figure out the relationships, though many of the children look a like. The oldest couple, which must be the parents to some of them,  talk to the younger children asking what they want. The mom holds coupons for pizza and writes down on one of them the children’s preferences.

As I observe them I look around the restaurant and notice I am not the only one.  There’s some snickering while an older couple gets lost in remembering their family memories that too quickly passed by.  Another couple get up to leave and stop by to greet the group and then the mom introduces the children.  Ten of the children are theirs – no blended family.  The youngest child and oldest child are twenty years apart in age.  Three of the children are married adding in the three additional children.

“They’re all ours,” the mom says proudly, “with our first grandbaby due in the fall,” she continues on, beaming.

A child about 10 years old interrupts and says, “and we have two in heaven, a big brother and a baby sister.”  The mom nods in agreement.  

Though one of the middle aged boys grabs for the last breadstick as another child did as well, and a glass of water spills, the children stay quiet and respectful.  There’s laughter and joy . . . and teasing.  The dad bows and prays while the family joins hands in a circle.  The pizza is quickly eaten up and I even notice several of the older boys handing their dad money to help pay for the bill.

I wonder how many families are missing this kind of relationship and bonding.  It’s very unusual to see.  I am a bit jealous.

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