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Five Minute Friday: BELOVED & KEPT by Jesus


Joining Lisa-Jo and her Five Minute Friday.
” five minutes of free writing without
worrying about getting it right “

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My word for this year is from one of my favorite verses from Jude 1:1b- 2:

To those who are called, 
beloved in God the Father
and kept for Jesus Christ:
 May mercy, peace, and love
be multiplied to you.

KEPT is my word for this year.  I am kept by Jesus.  It’s pretty awesome to me to know I will never be rejected by Him, will never be disowned and He will never turn away from me.  He won’t say He does not have enough time for me – or, I will talk to you later.  And  as I am KEPT by Him, He says I am one of His called and His Beloved in God the Father – not in some special group or religion.  Not in a specific culture or color of skin.  As Believers we are His… always His, kept as His and His beloved.  Sometimes it’s pretty difficult for my brain to wrap around that kind of complete, unconditional love.   

And beyond being KEPT as His Beloved…He wants so much more.. mercy, peace and love to be multiplied for us.  Could we really ask for more?  Isn’t that complete?  WOW!

. . . finished 

Kept Signature

Below is a necklace that a friend gifted to me from KraftyKash on Etsy who makes these handmade jewelry pieces from vintage Atlas, Dictionary, Bible and Sheet Music.  It has my verse and word of the year,  “KEPT” on it and Beloved shows too!  🙂



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11 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: BELOVED & KEPT by Jesus

  1. What a beautiful nugget of gold that passage is! Jude is filled with wonderful little gems!
    Thanks for sharing your word and how beautifully Kept and Beloved are intertwined.

  2. Love it! Thanks for the new perspective on the word kept. I hadn’t quite thought of it that way. Amen to the part about Him not saying I don’t have enough time or I will talk to you later. Sometimes in a hurried world, we forget that there is a God that always has time. Thanks for that reminder as well.

  3. Hi Loni
    Your words, “..not in a special group or religion..”, says it all. We are in an intimate relationship with the creator of the universe and He loves being our Beloved!! Over from FMF.
    Much love

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