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Information Article: Keeping a Mattress Clean


id you know that it is a good idea to vacuum your mattress once a month?  Just from normal wear, your mattress can accumulate dust, mites (ugh), and body dander.  I don’t even want to think about bed bugs landing in my bed!  Ewwww!   My husband and I have had our mattress for over 16 years and though it’s still very comfortable, and we flip the mattress several times a year, I’ve not vacuumed it every month!  I might have a hard time sleeping tonight thinking of what’s accumulated in it!  

With having young children, and knowing there’s been accidents, I am doing some research in how to clean a mattress.  It’s not just the kids who have accidents either.  We’ve had several cats through the years give birth to kittens in their beds.  Ugh!  What a mess!  The most important thing is to clean it as soon as it’s discovered.  

I learned that a hotel type industrial cleaner is the best mattress cleaner but if you cannot find that, a good quality upholstery shampoo cleaner that can be found in most grocery stores will also work.  One of the most important things after cleaning the mattress, is then letting it thoroughly dry.  Thankfully we do not have children who are having accidents any more, but if it would be a concern, mattress protectors or mattress bags are something to consider to eliminate future concerns of a mattress getting soiled or wet.

Of course changing sheets on a regular basis is important, especially to keep dander and mites from going into the mattress.  Ideally it would be a good reminder that each time the sheets are changed to also vacuum the bed!  I love getting into a bed with fresh sheets on it, that have dried outside in the wind.  It will feel even better knowing the mattress is cleaner too!

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