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Daily Prompt: Shoulda Woulda Coulda

Daily Prompt: Shoulda Woulda Coulda
Tell about something you know you should do . . .
but don’t.


h dear!  I sit here, by kids who are doing school work, and see dust bunnies in a corner of the ceiling that accumulates especially during the winter with burning wood in our home.  I have procrastinated with cleaning my bedroom, because we had a broken vacuum.  There’s drawers that need to be cleaned out and taxes that need to be finished up.  But there’s books that call out to me to read and things to sew for my new grandbaby who is not due for 7 more months!  I’ve got two quilts I want to make for two of my girls’ birthdays in the spring.  And these seem more important than cleaning a bedroom or organizing a drawer or even finishing up taxes.

But even the crafty things can be overruled.  It’s evening and the kids want to watch a movie and one or two snuggle close by or on me, and there goes the plans of the crafts or cleaning or organizing.  But I can knit while watching a movie, so at least I can do two or three things at one time – snuggle, watch a movie and knit!  

Isn’t that using time well?!?!?!  I used to even add in nursing a baby to this!  But certainly cannot run 10 miles while knitting a sweater!!

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