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Information Article: Green Coffee Beans and Raspberry Ketone


o have you also heard of the Green Coffee Bean Supplements? It seems that ever since Dr. Oz spoke of it on his show, I see it everywhere.  The one thing I have learned it researching on it, is they are not all the same, and some have fillers or a blend of items in it so you do not even know how much green coffee bean you are really getting.  Also, from what I have read, added caffeine is not wise at all which can make a person feel jittery and not able to sleep.  

There is another item I found interesting, part of a healthier diet aid, called Raspberry Lemonade which is is made of green tea antioxidants and has a full serving of Noni juice that multiplies the antioxidants of the green tea.  It is sweetened with a natural sweetener called Xilitol and for that energy boost that is so needed, while dieting, it contains L-Theanine and just 10-15 mg of naturally occurring caffeine.  It sounds very tasty and something convenient to take with as it comes in little sachets.  I’d really like to try this.

Dr. Oz has also spoken of Raspberry Ketone which also can help towards weight loss.  Raspberry Ketone can aid in breaking up fat cells  more effectively and then help your body burn it faster.  100mg is the normal dose and to equal that in raspberries you’d have to eat 90 pounds of raspberries!  YIKES!  That’s a lot!  

Of course, with any supplements, research needs to be done and checking with your doctor in getting advice and knowing your health is good before starting any major regimen your body might not be used to.

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