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Daily Prompt: Teachable Moment – Trying to learn Windows 8 – UGH!

Daily Prompt:  Teachable Moment
You have to learn a new skill.
Do you prefer to read about it,
watch someone else do it,
new hear someone describe it, 

or try it yourself?


am in the middle of trying to learn a new skill . . .  trying to understand and learn about Windows 8 on a new laptop, and so far I do not like it . . . at all.  It’s like learning a whole new language.  There is the regular Windows but kind of in a mini version and then the other part is almost like a tablet set-up.  The laptop did not come with a manual.  I learn best having a manual, to go through page by page in learning the basics of it.  If someone could show me some things, that would be great too – but I would need to have hands on too, so I am actually doing it rather than just watching someone do it. 

Despite the frustrations, I think I can eventually learn it.  And, this laptop is an amazing gift.  My smart phone became not so smart last week and crashed on me.  I had bought it used, but the amazing thing was there was an extended warranty on it.  We checked it out, and found that it could be replaced, but the store no longer sells the same phone.  So, instead we got a gift card for $300.  My son found a laptop at the store for $148 . . . it was a Black Friday special that was returned and gone all over.  My laptop also crashed about a month or so ago.  I found my phone elsewhere, brand new for $100.  So, when I was all bummed about the crashed electronics, I actually came ahead with both of them!

Except for time.  It’s taking a lot of time learning a new skill.  One is even figuring out why my cursor jumps all over the place while typing on this laptop, making it take 4x longer in getting a short post completed.  Thankfully, I found out it can be a common problem and downloaded a touchfreeze program which seems to have resolved it!

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