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Five Minute Friday: [BARE] Ultrasound Gummy Bear Baby



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This morning I wasn’t even out of bed when there was a knock on my  bedroom door.  It was my newly married daughter with her husband.  They had an ultrasound picture to show me – the first glimpse our first grandbaby!  Could I be more delighted?!?!?

She’s only 8 weeks along, but we can see the form of this dear little one being knit in her womb – only the size of a gummy bear!  A bare little babe being created in His image.  New beginnings . . . new life!

I cannot wait to see more ultrasounds as this bare little one continues growing and we see more developments.  But of course, the best of all will be in September when we get to hold this precious little life – check out the sweet little bare toes and see who she or he resembles.  How much hair will he or she have, or will there be a bare little head, just like his/her mama was?  

And there will be much laughter and joy as this little one grows up . . . chasing a bare little butt streaking after his/her bath trying to run away from mama who is giggling as he/she squeals with delight.   And it will bring back sweet memories of years that have vanished so quickly but we get to relive through a grandbaby . . . and grandbabies!

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8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: [BARE] Ultrasound Gummy Bear Baby

  1. Squeals for you…how exciting!! I may need to borrow a kid or two from you so I can have grandbabies…LOL My boy doesn’t show any interest in dating, which is ok he is still 19 (20 in 4 months) I am happy for you my dear friend!!

  2. Congratulations! Is it sad that I’m already excited about being a grandmother and my oldest child is only 12? I think I just miss all the baby cuddles and more children aren’t possible for us so I look forward to the day… down the road, when I will be grandma and snuggle my grandbabies. Oh I’m excited for you!

  3. Oh wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so glad I found your blog…and I’m so glad it was today! I think you win the prize of best Five minute Friday news ever!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats! I’ll definitely be popping back to hear more news!

  4. You are going to absolutely LOVE this stage of life, Grandma Loni! Perhaps your grandchild will ask you, as mine did the other day, “Grandma, why don’t we call YOU Great-grandma, instead of plain ol’ Grandma?” I explained how you get that title. She thought about it a few seconds, then said, “Well, I think you’re the Greatest-Grandma!”

    May you have MANY similar melt-your-heart moments, Loni.

    I pray that each of the grandchildren the Lord gives you will trust Christ as Savior and live their lives to please HIM.

  5. I’m still laughing at your title, and trying not to envision myself eating your precious little grandbaby. What a wonderful post, and congratulations to you and your family!

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