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Information Article: Cheap Auto Insurance


o far we have had five of our kids become drivers.  It’s nothing we take lightly when they want to drive.  Sometimes I feel bad that we have lived such a tight lifestyle, yet, I know it’s taught our kids to appreciate things more.  We have never bought them a car, or paid for their car insurance.  If they want to drive, they have to be responsible in being able to pay for it.  We will help them do the research to find the best, yet, cheap auto insurance.   They have been on our account, but have to be pay for their portion. Usually having more than two cars on an account gives a lower cost, so they do get that fringe benefit!

But they know too, if they are getting tickets, being reckless and getting in accidents, we do not want them under us because it affects us too.  Then they have to go on their own.  I am thankful seat belts are the law in our state and also our state limits how many kids can be in a car with an under 18 driver.  It helps this mom out who wants these guidelines too so they don’t have to just follow mom’s law – but the state law too! 🙂

We have encouraged our kids to buy cheap, used cars to start out – yet safe cars.  We do not like the small cars that are like a tin can.  Then, they can just get PLPD insurance.  PLPD means Public Liability and Property Damage.  Our state is a no-fault car insurance state,  and mainly means it that the car insurance will cover me in the event that my car causes injury or death to a third person or cover property damage if my car causes damage on someone else’s property.  But PLPD will not pay for the damage to my car.  It’s a loss! 

It’s definitely worth doing the research on car insurance, be it for me or any of my family.  It’s absolutely needed, yet, but costs can be cut on it if the research is done.

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