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Daily Prompt: Burnt Treasures


esterday’s daily prompt was titled, Burning Down the Housewriting about the five things I’d want to make sure I’d grab if our house was on fire.  Now, the thought is, sifting through the remains of a burned down house and what I wish I could have  taken, but had to leave behind.  It would be hard.  

Again, there’d be the pictures . . .  the pictures that have not changed on the hallway since our son died . . .  time has stood still there, and I know I’d weep over them . . . of a time so far gone now.  There’s the many baby blankets and special quilts I’ve made for each of the children, and the boxes of baby clothes waiting for our grandchildren.  There’s my jewelry boxes . . .  though nothing of great financial value, there’s things tucked away in it that could never be replaced, such as a ring my daddy gave me after he visited Israel, another ring my parents brought back from the Bahamas, and my graduation ring from them as well. There’s the two rings my son wore to share his faith.  I did not want them buried with him.  

There’s numerous things my husband gave me and the musical jewelry box he gave me on my 30th birthday. There’s many drawings and handmade cards from the children.   Did I mention pictures?  So many.   There’s the knitted white bedspread my birthmother gave me after I met her the first time which was after my first child was born.  There’s a cedar chest of things that still sting my heart from our son and daughter in heaven.  These would all be ashes and blowing away.

burnedAnd there’s special clothes hanging in my closet . . . the maternity dress I wore often with Angela Hope, the dresses I wore to my daughter’s weddings, the dresses I hope to fit into again.  There’s dried flowers from weddings . . .  and funerals.  And the old oak roll top desk . . . and the pictures by it.  I’d miss that.   

Indeed it would be so very hard to lose so many earthly treasures, yet if my family is all out safely, there’s so much tucked away in my heart that can never be burned away.   And someday, the only treasures I will have will be my family in heaven.  The other “stuff”, yes, even pictures, will all be left behind.

Luke 12:34
For where your treasure is,
there will your heart be also.

Daily Prompt:  Burnt

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2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Burnt Treasures

  1. Your post brought tears to my eyes… I can remember a time not too long ago that I left my home running and never looked back. That day I took with me my computer, a box of baby goods, the clothes on my back, and my beautiful newborn baby. It was the hardest thing I have ever done! … but that little bundle of joy was all I needed to keep running and stay safe. Material items come and go, but family and friends are what make this treasured trip of life worth living.

    1. I cannot imagine. But having buried two children (a 16 yo son & stillborn daughter) nothing could be given to me of material value that could replace them or any of my children. I am so thankful you and your baby are safe. Thank you for leaving a note!

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