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Five Minute Friday: AGAIN (& again & again)


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My first thought when I read this word, again, is thinking of our children when they were little and they’d say, “do it again daddy,”  when he’d throw them up in the air, and I’d wince, worrying he’d not catch them.  Or when the children ask me to read a book, again and again.  Or, the frustrations of children getting out of bed, again because they forgot to get a drink or go potty.

I think of my prayers, when I’ve said, “It’s me, again, God and I’ve blown it again with the kids and lost my patience again and will You please forgive me again.  And I am learning that God does not throw up His hands and say,  “not you, again“, and does not keep count of all the times  I come back again with the same things that catch me up and make me feel like a failure.  Instead, He reassures me to keep coming back, again and again and reminds me that His mercies are new every morning.  And if I would continually meet with Him again each morning and again throughout the day, I’d find He is enough and my expectations of others and myself can be met through Him and by Him.  

But I too need to be reminded, again.

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12 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: AGAIN (& again & again)

  1. “again, daddy!” I hear it every day, and this pony ride’s knees are feelin’ it. But I’m glad Jesus will never tire of me yelling “again!!!” to all that I’ve received from Him. 🙂 Great reminder.

  2. This reminded me of how repetition is a way to learn something. We do it from the time our children are tiny. Over and over. And isn’t is sweet how He does the same for us? Beautiful words shared friend. Blessings.

  3. Great Post! I was first drawn to it because we chose the exact same title! I felt a lot of the same things as you. I am so glad His mercies are new every morning…because I need them!

  4. I just wrestled through the agains tonight to get the kids in bed. I’m on PST and the kids bedtimes got away from me while I was trying to wrangle 5 minutes. And thank God, He never loses patience like this mama does at times.

  5. Hi Loni
    We have the same WordPress theme! Yes, dear one, again and again and again is the secret! Our Lord says in Isaiah that only as we return to Him and rest in Him, will we be saved!
    Much love XX

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