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Money Saving & Germ Saving Craft!


t’s that terrible cold/flu season. UGH! Everywhere we go we hear the hacking and coughing. The one thing I absolutely hate in doctor’s offices is when they have toys in there for the kids to play with.  Of course, the kids will want to play with them, but I am the mean mom who will not let mine!  Kids are there because they are sick.  Their little hands rub their snotty noses, and then touch the toys and my child comes along and does the same thing.   ANOTHER – Ugh!  

So, I usually try to bring something with me that can distract my children, be it they play a game on my phone, look at a book or just sit on my lap quietly (if they are real sick).  

DVDboxHere is a link to making an enclosed coloring case from a DVD case for holding pencils and paper.  I absolutely love this idea, and not just to take to the doctor’s office, but to church, a restaurant or another place we just need the children to set quietly.  This sure can be economical, even using the backs of paper and buying pencils from a dollar store.  And as a homeschool mom, I could even have some with some math equations on it for the kids to do.  (That’s a REAL mean mom, huh?!?!?)

It’s something I am going to try to do soon – or even have my older homeschooled kids do for “art class”!  🙂

Let me know if you do it!  

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