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Homeschooling & The Lord’s Prayer – an assignment from God!


on’t you just love it when you get a confirmation from God that is so real? Even better yet, when the kids see and realize it too!  

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have a new love for the Lord’s Prayer (or as our Pastor calls it, the Disciple’s Prayer – as it was taught to the disciples and us, how to pray) over the past couple of years.  I want my children to really know it and have some ideas with it for school.  I am first starting out with them doing it for copywork for the week, and know that this will begin the process of their memorizing it.  I have other plans for them to use it for school writing assignments in the future.  At first there were some grumblings and complaints about it.  But today after one of my daughter’s finished it, she got out her AWANA book to begin working on verses she needs memorized for tomorrow.

Lords Prayer

And guess what?!?!?! Her verses are Matthew 6:9-13… The Lord’s Prayer!  I do not know who was more excited . . . my daughter or myself!  To get that confirmation so clearly from God that YES, they should learn this NOW!  And for them to see it!  Might it be the assignment came from God – not me?  🙂

Part of this is so evident in staying in God’s Word, listening for those promptings on our hearts that seem to nag at us, and then something is repeated like that in devotionals that we may read.  It becomes so real – the one and only real God showing Himself so clearly- not just at church, but in our midst at home, with the children, in His word, in devotions or the song on the radio . . . in our everyday real life!

What about you?  What has jumped out at you that has had God written all over it? 

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