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Five Minute Friday: OPPORTUNITY


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PassionTwo of my boys are in Atlanta, GA right now for such a wonderful opportunity to kick start their 2013.  They are with 60,000 other college-aged kids at Passion 2013being ministered to by Louie Giglio, Francis Chan, John Piper,  Beth Moore and music ministry of Lecrea, Chris Tomlin, Kari Jobe and many more!  I wish I had the opportunity to be there, but I won’t pass as a college-aged student!

This is the fourth year one of our kids has gone – first time for the other.  I know how on fire for God our kids have come back.  It’s a major renewal for them – a revival.  Just imagine if only 1% stay revitalized – keep growing – that’s 600 kids – future leaders – cabinet members, missionaries, pastors, presidents, moms and dads.  I’d sure hope and pray more than 600 can keep going strong – take to heart the opportunity God has given them.  Of course, I hope that my boys are in the top, with being on fire for God and that they can spread it in our family, church and community.

Though we might not have this opportunity with Passion, what opportunities are we missing?  When a sermon, song, Scripture verse, a word spoken to us, touches our hearts and souls, do we use the opportunity to share it with others?  

What opportunities will you and I have in 2013 to share Jesus?  

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8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: OPPORTUNITY

  1. I saw a lot of posts about the Passion Conference in my Twitter feed today. What a wonderful opportunity for your son! Those are some of my favorite artists.

  2. What a blessing for your boys and you – to know your boys are being filled at the start of a fresh new year, and that’s where they want to be, in a world full of “opportunities,” that they would choose God!

  3. What a great opportunity for your boys. I wish I could go too. Oh to be able to stay on fire after such an experience.

  4. Stopping by from FMF. I appreciate your thoughts on opportunity. O, if we could keep the fire a day, a month, a year. I pray your children will keep it a lifetime and complete what the Lord has created them to do.

  5. I’m trying not to wish I was college age again 🙂 I’ve gone to Passion and remember the fire burning hot when I’d return! And to think–He offers that to me every day.
    I changed my morning prayer recently and it’s renewed my everyday. Instead of praying for me and what I need to do today, I pray that I see Him while I’m doing it. So far, every day, He’s said ‘yes’ to that request! Wow…how He loves us!

    Hugs to you, Loni! thank you for providing the opportunity for your kids to see Him, too!

  6. In college, just as the Passion movement was beginning, I used to attend a conference called Urbana for college students. It certainly lit fires. And what an amazing list of speakers. Hope your kids will allow you to share what they learn here!

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