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One Word for 2013: KEPT


‘ve been thinking for well over a week now of claiming one word for 2013.   Last year my word was NEW.   As I reflect back, it sure was the right word for 2012.  We added two new son-in-laws; our daughter started a new school part-time along with still being homeschooled; my husband is opening his business at a new location; new friends were made; we are still working through our new normal – quieter home since half our children have left the nest. I’ve found God in new ways – even Him teaching me to be still and remember Him – by allowing me to hurt my knee badly just days before my daughter’s wedding.   There were a lot of new things in 2012 ~ mostly good; some adjustments and teaching moments.  As I am sure there will be in 2013.  

So now 2013 is upon us.  I took a bit of a writing break for more family time with taking the kids out more and family movie times together and a houseful for Christmas – (16 of us!).  And so now, I’ve been contemplating on the new word for 2013.  One of the first verses I read this year was: 


hem2You hem me in.  It’s not past tense.  It’s now. He continually is hemming us in.  I imagine the older we get, that hem gets thicker.  I like to sew, and so I think of a hem.  A serger sewing machine makes a five-threaded hem that you can see on the inside.  It looks like lots of zig-zags.  It’s well secured.  On the outside of a hem it’s hardly seen, also called a blind hem. We don’t always see God’s protection. As God is continually hemming us in, that hem gets thicker and harder to get through.  Satan still attempts and we allow the seam riper to tear through, yet as we allow, God will mend it back together.  And we are again kept within that hemmed in area.

He is before me and after me.  He knows my past and failings . . . and still stays with me, doesn’t give up and keeps me close. I am kept by Him – never to be disowned.  And He knows my future; knows the number of my days; knows the temptations, sorrows, joys and trials. He is a constant Companion, and I am kept by Him forever.

And His hand is on me.  What assurance!   It shows His love, continual care, reassurances and kept close by Him ~ His touch.  

To those who are called, 
beloved in God the Father and 
kept for Jesus Christ: 
May mercy, peace, and love
be multiplied to you.
Jude 1:1,2

The above verse has been very special to me for many years – somewhat my life verse.  When I read the “hemmed in” verse, it reminded me of this verse.  And so I am claiming the word KEPT this year.  I am KEPT for Jesus.

So this year, I will watch especially for the ways God hems me in, hems in my family and friends and how we are ~

by Him,
&  for Him

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2 thoughts on “One Word for 2013: KEPT

  1. What a great WORD!! And I love that He hems me in! That HE goes before me and behind me! Thank you for these words of JOY to my soul this morning!! Oh, my one word… JOY!!

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