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What does an “Empty Vessel” look like?


ur older three boys’ former piano teacher’s husband, is fighting lung cancer. Brian has been writing some of his thoughts down, and I’ve appreciated his realism through this as he has shared openly.  I’ve been given permission to share:  


Walking this world I wonder at times,
am I vessel of honor, fit for God’s use.
 I find myself wondering if I were a little better person
perhaps my life would not be as it is. 
I reflected upon the condition of that vessel of honor,
what does it look like. 

It must look like our Savior Jesus.
He emptied Himself and became obedient.

An empty vessel.

That seems easy but I find it difficult
depending on what has to be dumped out.
The empty vessel is filled with what God would put into it.
Joy and pain, laughter, sorrow.
thoughts of yesterday, thoughts of tomorrow. 

Sovereign God fill this man with only You.
For only You will satisfy this image bearer’s soul.

I imagine many of us want to also mirror our Savior, but often turn away from the mirror because we do not like what we see.  His mercies are new EVERY morning, and so we can begin a new day, and a new year with an empty vessel, asking Him to refill us with Him.

I am sure Brian & his wife, Nancy would so appreciate your prayers and he continues to fight this cancer and Nancy as she takes care of her husband of almost 31 years.


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