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And His Name Shall Be . . . Great Physician & Miracle Ordainer


oday we are celebrating LIFE!  Jessica HeartCake1

Four years ago at this time,  we were sitting by Jessica’s hospital bed in PICU, greatly relieved she made it through an emergency open heart surgery.  We were in awe of a miracle that enveloped her, and us.  We just happened to be at the hospital for a check-up on her spine, when she went into heart failure, just a short walk run to the pediatric ICU. The cardiologist on call just happened to be one of her main cardiologists during her first two open heart surgeries and remembered her. Her surgeon, who performs surgeries and teaches around the world also just happened to be in the hospital, minutes from starting a schedule heart surgery on another child, but was able to postpone it to take care of Jessica.  Her healing was amazing and to see the way all the puzzle pieces fit together, even months before, were amazing, that ONLY God could do.  (You can read more of the details and the story here).  Yes, Jesus could have healed her instantly, but instead, He revealed Himself so clearly and so often we doubt that God still does miracles.  I love how one of our friends wrote it that day as he read our Facebook updates:

As I was sitting here reading this, I kept on asking myself, “Should I really be this amazed that our Heavenly Father works out these intricate details like this?” I mean, there’s that part of me that knows God works things out like this, but I just can’t help but stand in awe of how He does it sometimes. God must really have something special in store for Jessica…

names of God2

Yes, God is the Great Physician and Miracle Ordainer.  I’ve seen it in so many ways and then I get that prod from Him, why can’t I fully trust Him, when finances are tight, when people are hurting, when it seems so long (if ever) various why’s in life.  I asked many times why Jessica had to have spinal problems along with her heart problems, and when I realized her spinal problems saved her life it was pretty awesome.  Sometimes the miracles and answers in our lives are not what we except.  Sometimes God heals in ways we’d never imagine.  

Jessica HeartCake2

I look at my now 16 year old daughter, and indeed know God is doing special things in her life.  I often tell her when she goes to school, “Shine for Jesus” . . .  and she does, telling kids openly that Jesus loves them.    

Today we celebrate the miracle of a life saved by the Great Physician.  Her cake is a symbol of that – the Kit Kat candy bars around it, like the hedge God put around her life and heart, to allow the for the doctor & His healing to touch her broken heart.

I am so thankful to our Heavenly Father, our Great Physician, for the miracles we can still find and see from Him.


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