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Christmas Stockings made from Sweaters (Inspired by Pinterest)



t’s been hard through the years to get back into the Christmas traditions after our son’s death since it was exactly two weeks before Christmas and with some failings we had with the legalistic backgrounds of Christmas and what we should and should not be doing.  It took a couple years for the Christmas tree to go back up.  This year, the skinny one he got 8 years ago, was put up by the kids.  And today, I finally finished the stockings I was making and put them up.  It was hard the first years afterwards – that empty stocking.  Now we are adding new names to our family by marriage.  There’s new excitements.  New joys in the morning, including Christmas morning.  And the anticipations of looking forward to new stockings being added in years to come for the little grandbabies!

I got the idea from Pinterest.  The stockings are made from sweaters – some I had – some were gifted to me to make into these and a couple I bought.  A sweater with full sleeves can easily make four stockings.  The blue ones above were made from a sweater vest, and then I put different backings on them.  The first two blue ones to the left are my husband’s and mine and on the back of ours is gray fleece – from a hoodie of Matthew’s.

After doing that with the fleece on the back, I like it better because it makes the sweaters a little more stiff rather than the looseness of the sweater material.   I cut out the stocking form on a paper bag for my pattern, and then laid it out on the sweater, trying to get the designs on it where I could.  It was great when designs could go either way, such as the red snowflake ones above, because I could use the bottom hem as the top of the stocking and not have to do any kind of hemming on the top.  The white ones that are pictured, I took the ribbing that went down the sides for the buttons and put that as my trim at the tops and for the loops.

I sewed some buttons on by the loops and then used silver or gold puff paint to put our names on.  Overall the stockings can be made quite fast. I like the variety, that even for future years, stockings can be added with using other stockings and will still fit in fine – cuz there’s always those ugly Christmas sweaters that can be used!  🙂

Here’s some close-ups of a few of them.  Click any of them to see it larger.  And yes, feel free to pin to Pinterest!  🙂

PS.  Thank you to the many for the personal messages of encouragement.  It’s been a peaceful day.  

166_0977    166_0980      166_0984   166_0987   166_0989   166_0990



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