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Information Article: How to protect your identity


everal months ago I went to use a charge card and it was denied.  It’s quite a sinking feeling wondering what in the world is going on.  I got home and checked on-line and found my charge card had been all used up – a bike for thousands of dollars was one of the main things purchased!   It certainly was not done by me or anyone in our family.  I reported it immediately, and thankfully, it was found out to be fraud charges and it was all taken cared of.  But how in the world did someone get all my information?  THAT is scary.  We certainly had to take a new look at protecting our identity.  Do you know how to protect your identity? Even though I was quite alarmed by it, unfortunately, it’s a common thing with our private information being found through unprotected wifi.  

The use of  public wifi can be everywhere, from libraries, to coffee shoppes, to anywhere our smart phones take us and we log in . . . to check bank balances or pay for something online.  And then, zap, someone snatches our information.  And when we find out, it can be at the worst timing, when an important payment needs to be made and the money is gone.  We certainly need to know how to be more careful and protect our personal identity.

This video below may help give information in doing so.

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