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8 Years Ago Today ~ When God Ran to Matthew


can only imagine, 8 years ago today, when our son, Matthew, met Jesus, face to face.

MatthewStephenIt’s a bittersweet day.   More sweet though.  Not as heavy of a heart.  Yet always missing him.  We can think of the wonderful memories . . . the parts of him that make us smile.  His tall lanky body.  Him calling me mumsie.  Playing with his chocolate lab.  

It’s easy to say “he missed out on….”  college, youth trips,  his youngest brother, three weddings,  brother-in-laws he did not get to approve of for his twin sisters, a sister-in-law he didn’t get to tease – but it’s really us missing him.  He sees Jesus.  He wants for nothing more.  We are still wanting, and yearning for Jesus, heaven and completeness.

I wish the 11th of December had a different meaning.  I wish that the choking game did not cut us so deeply, yet God brings beauty out of ashes, and life out of death and joy in the morning.  Yes, it’s a bittersweet day and I think of all the people that were our  Aaron and Hur’s – holding us up like they did Moses arms . . . and our lives have been richer because of them in our lives.  


And today, we are eight years closer to heaven.  I can only imagine!  Yet, I do miss Matthew – ohhh, so much.  But in eternities perspective this time of missing is very brief.

Below is a glimpse of what I imagine – that God ran to Matthew, and someday when I meet Jesus face to face, He will run to me, hold me in His arms, and running right behind Him, will be Matthew and Angela, running to greet me.

And my Father in heaven, whisper again to Matthew, how much we love him, miss him, and we will see him soon.  Thank you for dying for him so that he is with You.  Thank You for pursing his heart as a little boy and him accepting You.  Thank You for Your love and giving us joy again.  Please hug Matthew for me.  His mumsie misses him.



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