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And He Shall Be Called . . . Redeemer [Day 6]


ur family has another teenager today!  Melody13It’s hard to believe one of the “little girls” as our youngest three girls are referred to, is a teenager.  And yet, what a thrill it is to see her growing up, with a sensitivity towards others and God.  She’s such a blessing, and her name, was so God-picked as we never imagined.  She was born almost two years after our stillborn daughter.  It was a difficult pregnancy, fearing the worst.  While I was pregnant with her, my husband and I attended a seminar where Chuck Swindol spoke.  And he spoke of grace and the melodies in our heart.  And the babe in my womb was moving around, and it was so clearly spoken to me, to name her, Melody Grace.  Though even when I held the warm beautiful, healthy breathing baby, my heart still ached for what we missed on earth.  Melody could not and cannot fill that void.  But she helped us remember life again.  Little did we know that when she was five years old, her birthday would be close to her brother’s death date.  And each of the 8 years that have followed, we would HAVE to celebrate life!  She loves ballet and dancing and prancing about and how could we not smile through tears, to celebrate her and her younger sisters bringing life to shine through the sadnesses.  Though their hearts were sad their child-like faith told us how happy Matthew is and we will see him again.  And yes, in our hearts, there rings a melody!

Today we gave her several gifts, but the one she rejoiced the most over, was a new pink small Bible that fits perfectly into her purse.  She held it to her heart – and my heart overflowed.  How many 13 year olds are joyful over this?  Oh,  thank you our Father in Heaven!  And I imagine Matthew peering through the heaven’s rejoicing too.  He wanted a new red Bible too . . . .

names of God2

How does this fit into God’s names?  First I am thankful for names – the many names of God that fulfills all the different parts of my life and needs.  I am thankful He chooses names and has a special name for me and knows me by name.  And today, as I think of the joy of another birthday to celebrate with one of my children He has loaned to me, I am thankful for my Redeemer, who has redeemed so much in my life and continues to, who brings beauty out of ashes.  My Redeemer who has given us precious lives to worship Him!

I am in awe.  Such hope!  Such grace! And always a melody to sing . . .  because . . .

… I know that my Redeemer lives,
    and at the last He will stand upon the earth.”
Job 19:25


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