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And He Shall Be Called. . .My Rock {Day 3}


‘ve been told numerous times by a friend, names of God2God is enough. At different times in life, it can seem the disappointments pile up, and one of the crucial ones is when people disappoint us.  It’s then we find out how much faith and security we put in others, and our world seems to collapse around us when they fail us.  It can be anyone in our lives, from a best friend, to a spouse, a pastor, parents, teacher, etc.  I think at times we can expect more out of them than God.  We can make them our idols.  I know I have.  We think they have the ideal life – maybe even the ideal way to follow God and what is the right and wrong things to do – how to dress – how to raise children – how to eat naturally, etc.  And then it’s a whirlwind of disappointments when they do not turn out who we have made them out to be.  And it’s painful.  

I am so thankful that it’s not the same with God.  He is a Rock – solid in His commitment to us; He is continually pursuing us and wanting to teach us.  He will never leave us. Through the changes of people, God remains the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.   

The Lord is my rock
and my fortress
and my deliverer,
my God,
my rock,
in whom I take refuge,
my shield,
and the horn of my salvation,
my stronghold.

Psalm 18:2

Really, what more could we want?  He IS enough!  He is my Rock.


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