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And He Shall Be Called . . . Jehovah Rapha ~ God is my Healer {Day 1}


bove our stairs is a large framed poster with many of the names of God on it.    names of GodOne of my dear friends who went to be with Jesus numerous years ago, had it on her wall.  It really struck me as this dear woman was nearing the end of her life, and she was going to meet Him.  After our son died, I especially wanted this poster as a reminder of all the roles God has and will fulfill in our lives. Where it is, I see it numerous times a day. 

December can be a difficult memory of our son’s death, yet, without Jesus birth, we would not have the hope we have that not only is our son in heaven, but all that Jesus has done to wrap us in His care because

The Son of God became a man
to enable men to become sons of God.

C.S. Lewis

This month I am going to go through various names of God that have extra meaning for me.  Today, Jehovah Rapha ~ The Lord Our Healer.

. . . I am the Lord, your healer.
Exodus 15:25

I think of the amazing ways God is healing in my life –  first and foremost, healing me from death – healed me from the depths of hell, where I should be going.  Amazing!  He’s healed me physically through many years, including eczema I had as a teenager that I was told I would always have that has been gone 20+ years with no re-occurrence!  He’s been the Healer and Great Physician with each of my children, yet in additional miraculous ways with my daughter who has gone through open heart surgeries.  He’s healed and continues to heal emotional scars.  He’s healed and healing relationships.   

His healing does not end, which I have to remind myself of, especially when I fail.

O Lord my God, 
I cried to You and 
You have healed me.
 Psalms 30:2




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