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Information Article: Miracle Noodles


eing one of the many that goes off and on diets and struggles with weight, I know that carbs and sugars are one of the things that I really have to watch.  I love bread – fresh out of the oven with butter oozing all over it.  I love chocolate – just about any kind is fine!  And being we have a large family, we eat lots of cheap different types of pasta meals.  

Sometimes it’s just finding an alternative that I can make that is similar to what the rest are eating yet, keeps within my diet guidelines.  I’ve been reading on these “miracle noodles” which are garlic and herb fettuccine pasta.  This I could eat!  We even served chicken fettuccine at my daughter’s wedding and we ate it for many days later!  Miracle noodles are made from a soluble fiber (glucomannan) and water and have been shown to help lower blood cholesterol when adding to a better diet.  So not only is this better for someone dieting but also may be beneficial to those that are diabetic.

These miracle noodles are neutral in taste yet absorb the flavorings from the sauce or seasonings, making them adaptable to quite a variety of different meals and tastes.



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